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Winter 2022

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BOOKS REVIEW: Hiding in Plain Sight: The Key to Transforming the Democratic Party and America Written by SP Editor Hits: 136
IN MEMORIAM - Staughton Lynd Written by John Russo Hits: 117
EXCERPT - Working 9 to 5: A women’s movement, a labor union, and the iconic movie Written by Ellen Cassedy Hits: 245
EXCERPT - Panics without Borders: How Global Sporting Events Drive Myths about Sex Trafficking Written by Gregory Mitchell Hits: 112
Midterm Mayhem and the Economy for Working People Written by Bruce T. Boccardy Hits: 169
Confrontation and Accountability Belongs In Community Organizing Written by Moshe ben Asher Hits: 129
Taking On The Slumlord: Organizing 101 - a docu-fiction Written by Richard W Wise Hits: 371
PUBLISHER'S NOTE – 52.4 Written by Wade Rathke Hits: 226
IN MEMORIAM - Noa Emmett Aluli Written by Drummond Pike Hits: 186
IN MEMORIAM - Fred Ross, Jr. Written by Randy Shaw Hits: 317